The Reducing the Impact of Financial Strain (RIFS) project is a ground-breaking collaboration between communities and their Primary Care Networks that aims to reduce financial strain as a barrier to health, particularly in areas of cancer, chronic-disease-management, and prevention. Did you know that social determinants, like financial strain, contribute to 50 per cent of our overall wellbeing? Four community teams and their Primary Care Networks tested ways this could be addressed. Their stories and discoveries are captured throughout this website to educateinspire, and #starttheshift.

Income: key influencer of health

How can healthcare teams collaborate with communities to help reduce the impact of financial strain?

How can connections between primary care teams and communities be strengthened to support individuals dealing with financial strain?

How can individuals with financial strain be supported in a compassionate, impactful, and sustainable way?

Together, communities strengthen financial wellness. Healthcare providers can play an important role to, “intervene through health care to reduce the consequences of ill health caused by underlying determinants,” and must orient healthcare services to reduce health inequities.

Ready to get started?

This website is designed to assist clinical and primary care teams (including physicians, clinical and office staff, and leadership) and local community teams (including multi-sectoral partners such as primary care, health and social organizations, municipalities, Family and Community Support Services (FCSS), faith groups, indigenous communities, police, mental health, businesses, nonprofit groups, community agencies and community members).

If you are experiencing financial strain and are seeking supports, we encourage you to reach out to the resources below:

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