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Build community capacity

Community capacity

Together communities can explore how to strengthen their capacity.

Community capacity is closely related to the idea of asset-based community development as it helps teams identify and address aspects of leadership, resources mobilization, skill-building opportunities, existing culture, and communication. The Community Capacity Assessment tool (CCAT) is available for teams to explore areas related to community work. Each domain contains sets of questions that assist the community to reflect on their strengths, assets, and opportunities for improvement. 


The RIFS team worked to strengthen their capacity by completing the CCAT prior to getting started, reflecting on the results and identifying areas to improve upon. Post-implementation, they completed the CCAT again. Results provide evidence of significant improvement in multiple areas including: leadership, participation and sustainability.

The 11 domains are:

  1. Shared Leadership
  2. Sense of Community
  3. Communication 
  4. Resources
  5. Skills and Knowledge Development
  6. Learning from Experience
  7. Participation
  8. Asking Why
  9. Shared Community Leadership
  10. Partnerships, Linkages, and Networks
  11. Sustainability

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